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About Us

It all started around people.

On June of 2011, our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Bobby Chen felt that after serving in key management roles for corporate giants like Hilton Hotels, Hewlett Packard, MiniScribe, Progressive Solutions, J.R. Simplot, Seagram|Universal Studio, Joy Global (just to name a few) for closed to 27 years in North America and Asia Pacific in particularly China that he decided to step-up to serving and linking people rather than providing his stewardships and leaderships for the corporate world.

Our Vision

In a rapid going and competitive world that we live in, time becomes a very important element. When people are "on-the-go", they need to turn their slack time into productive hours to be on the competitive edge.

“Turning slack time to productive hours” pushes technology exponential growth to support the mobility movements. Whether it is Internet browsing, social networking, videos watching, etc., does not matter anymore, they have to be accomplished using the smartphones, which were once only tools for communications. We are indeed witnessing an era where communications merged with the convenience of information searches, computations, networking, and knowledge building to become integrated part of our lives.

Technology has indeed been applied correctly on people to make days more effective and night more efficient.

We see ourselves as the leader in applying technology on people to enhance productivities in communications.

Our Goal

“Linking people using applied technology and knowledge”

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the world communicaties better through social networking, using applied mobile technology and online videos.

Where human interaction is required (rather than technology) to enhance communications due to language and cultural differences between the East and the West, knowledge would be applied via the consultancy arm of our company. 

We pride ourselves to be the "speciaists for market penetrations", particularly for China and the English speaking world.

Our Products and Services

In accordance to Our Mission, we have products and services for you to enhance your communications and productivity. Be sure to check our Flagship of Product and Services using the Menu above for more information.

Similarily, please take a look at our Consultancy Services to see if we could be of help in making your business successful in a foreign land such as China.


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